"Aladdin Pants"

The versatility of jeans—or pants in general—can be a double-edged sword. While I never tire of the comfort of a well-worn jean, I do get bored of the monotonous look. Alternative pant silhouettes are my favorite trend at the moment.

"Fancy Pants"

Traditionally, harem pants, bloomers, jodhpurs etc. each had a distinctive shape. However, their modern interpretations are more fluid and take whatever form the designer fancies. The only thing they have in common is an inversion of what is usually considered graceful. And that is exactly what appeals to me!

"Airplane Pants" - because they are incredibly comfortable for flying

I have been stocking up on these “alternative” pants lately, and I like to give them my own names. Here are four current favorites from my closet.

"Untitled Riding Pants" - they are unworn still; give me time