H&M skirt, Old Navy top, Forever 21 bag, Nine West sandals

One canceled flight, one last minute change of airport, one missed connection and two delayed flights later, I’m finally back in LA. For a quick weekend getaway, this trip turned out to be quite crazy. However, barring the multiple travel fiascos, we really enjoyed our weekend away and spending time with friends. I particularly enjoyed the heat. I know most of you are thinking I’m crazy for saying that. But as smug as I feel about LA’s 60 fahrenheit winter days while the rest of the country freezes to the bone, I miss actually feeling warm in the summer. I miss warm nights that allow you to go out for dinner or drinks without layering up. We did exactly that this weekend, and it was great.

I wanted to keep my clothes travel-friendly as well as heat-friendly. Black and blue is such a chic combination that I’m surprised we don’t see more of it. I wore my favorite Old Navy top and the navy blue version of this H&M skirt for this outfit. I love the cutout neckline on that top. Because of the heat, I kept accessories to a minimum.

When I fly, I like to carry versatile pieces so as to avoid checking in bags. A slouchy, neutral-color bag and some black or nude shoes that can go from day to night—such as these gorgeous Nine West sandals—are my staples.