Prints are all the rage on every fashion runway right now. Nothing can escape being covered in a pattern, whether tribal, geometric or organic, and pants are no exception. The printed pant trend began vaguely last year, but this year seems to have really crystallized the idea into an array of printed variations of two-legged bottoms. Everyone from Zara (center) to Topshop (right) to See by ChloĆ© (left) has a version to offer. But somehow, I’m just not sold. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for prints and I love a stunning pattern on a pair of pants when the silhouette is alternative, as worn in my last post here. And I think that is the key to doing printed pants while still looking dressed up. But when you throw a print on a traditional trouser shape, how is it different from a pair of pajamas? I’m hard pressed to see the look working in any everyday setting.

What do you think? Would you wear printed pants that are cut just like pajamas?