Forever 21 shorts, H.E. by MANGO (men's) shirt, H&M belt, Zara bag, ROMWE jacket and shoes

Dressing for class has been an interesting exercise so far. On the one hand, it is graduate school, so there is a seriousness to it, unlike the teeny bopper outfits in which the undergrads run around campus. On the other hand, it’s not stuffy like corporate professional dressing.

I think this recent outfit I wore to class nicely captures the graduate school dress code as it were. It hints at a suit without actually being one. This could easily become my uniform for the next two years.

I finally had the opportunity to wear the orange blazer, and I’m loving it. And speaking of uniforms, I’ve been wearing the Oxford shoes to class almost every day. They pinched a little in the beginning, but nothing a little deodorant couldn’t ease. Now that they’re broken in, they are extremely comfortable even for long walks.