When I heard that we had to conduct field research for a class, I chose to do mine on flea markets. Because who says you can’t study and have fun at the same time?

So, a couple of weekends ago I spent my Sunday at Melrose Trading Post, followed by the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend. Sadly, Melrose Trading Post was quite a disappointment. It was more a scene for young hipsters to be able to say they shop vintage than a marketplace to score great finds at bargain prices.

Rose Bowl Flea Market, however, has been a source of immense fascination for me from the first time I set foot there a few years ago. It never disappoints, and this trip was no exception. I came back with some fantastic pieces both for myself and for the house, not to mention, pages full of research notes.

This gorgeous redĀ cheongsam is one of those pieces. I still can’t get over its $5 price, considering how breathtakingly pretty it is. I’m loving the deep, rich red color with the intricately embroidered motifs and the way the fabric gives off a warm sheen when it catches the light.

I’m not sure where I plan to wear this yet. I’m toying with the idea of taking it to my tailor and having him close part of the slit and turn it into a pencil skirt. Anyhow, I’m happy just staring at it for now.