I have never had a successful Black Friday trip, mostly because I’m just not a morning person. I get cranky when I have to wake up early – no price discount can make up for the loss of sleep. I have learned from past experience not to bother with the early morning shopping, exciting as the deals may seem. This Black Friday, we had a leisurely brunch and strolled into the mall around 2 pm. The deals were gone and so were the crowds. That’s when I found this black sequin jacket at Forever 21.

What I love about it is the way it can instantly amp up any regular outfit into a festive, evening affair. This is going to come in handy during the holiday season.

Animal prints are au courant right now, and that goes not only for the traditional patterns borrowed from the wild, but also for literal prints of animal forms, such as these graceful horses. The print transforms the simple button down shirt into casual chic.

I’m looking forward to wearing both pieces. Stay tuned for the outfit posts!