Moving to a bigger apartment can be both a blessing and a curse. I like having more room to spread out, but being on a budget means the spreading out must be done on the cheap. One thing I always wanted to have was a small dining area where we could have dinner. Eating at the coffee table was getting on my nerves with its inconvenient height and constantly having to pull it back and forth from the sofa. However, we are not the honey-how-was-your-day type people when it comes to dinnertime. We enjoy our TV dinners and a dining area away from the TV would have never been used. So I was thrilled to have the perfect TV-facing spot in this apartment where I could create a dining area.


So, a few months ago, I embarked on a mission to find comfortable chairs on a shoestring budget. They had to have arms and had to be upholstered – none of that wooden armless stuff. After much searching, I found the perfect pair on Craigslist for $20 apiece. They were ugly in their as-is state, but they had great potential.


I finally got them reupholstered this month, and here’s the result. I chose a reversible fabric and did a contrasting back for some added interest. I love how the geometric print and the metal studs have given the old lumpy chairs a completely modern makeover.

I even found a guy to do the upholstery for an insanely low price, including free pickup and delivery. And now I finally have a little corner bistro at home.