Dress from a boutique in Orange County (forgot the name!), Nine West sandals, Le Chateau jacket

For brunch at a friend’s place, I wanted to wear something casual chic. SoCal winter is better described as intermittent spells of cold and rain than a “season.” The latest spell has been going on too long for my liking, and I was determined not to wear jeans and a sweater on this cold morning.

Instead, I pulled on my favorite maxi dress and a faux leather jacket.

I fell in love with this maxi dress the minute I saw it at one of the stalls at Venice Beach. But Venice being Venice, the dress was overpriced at $80. I passed it up, only to have a friend spot it at a boutique in Orange County for half the price.

The outfit kept me surprisingly warm as we devoured gourmet treats at brunch.

This ensemble makes me want to pair a maxi dress with an oversized sweater. Stay tuned!