Sep 27



Some of you may have noticed that I’ve added a Pose widget to the sidebar. Pose is a mobile app that allows you to share your fashion finds from anywhere, whether you are out shopping or just playing dress-up out of your closet. I will be adding new photos whenever I see something worth sharing, so keep looking. I will also add the price and store/brand name where possible, so you can track down items you like in my feed.

I’m still experimenting with the app – please be patient. What I like about it so far is that it’s a quick way to share things that may not warrant a full blog post, especially in case of items I like but wouldn’t necessarily buy. The con so far (and it’s a big one!) is that the app doesn’t work on my phone, even though it’s supposed to be made for Android. That means I must depend on someone else’s phone to post to my feed, which is a major obstacle. But I’ll try and update often, I promise.

In the meantime, click on the image above (or in the sidebar), take a look around and “love” a pose or two!

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Sep 23

The Original Farmers Market


The Farmers Market at the Grove is always an eclectic feast for the senses. I love going there for a snack and coming back with bags full of fresh fruit and a camera full of beautiful photos.

Forever 21 top and pants, Nine West shoes

For some reason, I was in a monochrome mood on this day, which is unusual for me. But I decided to embrace it with this all-grey outfit.

I was so pleased with the comfortable chic factor of this look that I wore the outfit again by swapping out the pumps for flats to class later in the week.

Now that we live close to the Grove, I’m looking forward to more weekend brunches at the Farmers Market. What’s your favorite place to visit on a lazy weekend?

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Sep 21

Emmys Fashion


Before I run off to my first exam of the semester, here’s a quick scribble on the red carpet looks at the 2011 Emmys this past weekend. Was it just me or was the red carpet fashion rather underwhelming this year? Here are my picks for best and worst dressed. Click on the image above to see the photos on Marie Claire.


Elizabeth Moss: It’s no secret that nude and blush tones have been the new black for a while now. But it’s not easy to get it right. And boy, did Elizabeth Moss get it right! She looked like the complete antithesis of her Mad Men character in her exquisitely fitted gown, which says it all.

Sarah Hyland: Stunning. The color, the shoulder strap, the waist detail, everything worked in concert to make her look beautiful and bubbly as always.

Sofia Vergara: Another coral gown on another Modern Family star. The Vera Wang creation hugged her already eye-candy body in all the right places. Draping can look either goddess-like or downright frumpy. The verdict here is obvious! My favorite part was the color block tulle at the bottom. It elevated the dress to a whole other level of glamor.

Nina Dobrev: Confession: I had never heard of Nina Dobrev before. But if her dress is any indication of her style, then I want to see more of her! Where most celebrities either opt out of taking risks altogether or take the wrong risks and look like they are going to a Halloween party (Paula Abdul, anyone?), this is one person who seems to know how to do it right. Her dress had risk written all over it, and she looked like a million bucks in it. There was a larger-than-life quality to the Donna Karen design that I think is so essential to celebrity. I just wish she had worn a piece of jewelry on her arm.


Julianna Margulies: OK, I know dots are in and all, but she looked like she stood in the lawn sprinklers. Great example of runway translating poorly into real life.

Dianna Agron: I don’t watch Glee, but I know it’s a big enough phenomenon to pay the actors to buy a real dress. Her dress looked like it was from the clearance rack at Macy’s. Except the color, everything about it screamed “cheap.” The seams had puckers, the hem looked uneven, and she had black nail polish on for crying out loud. Pretty for a bridesmaid, maybe, but not for a red carpet event.

Gwyneth Paltrow: If you want to wear something that looks exactly like a lehenga choli (google it), why not go to the source and get the real thing? She could have special ordered one from India for half the price and twice the craftsmanship. The fit would have been far superior, and there would have been no need for that unsightly mesh paneling. I get that she was trying to be a tastemaker by foretelling the comeback of the bare midriff, but this was an epic fail.

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Sep 19

Scholarly (Pur)suit


Forever 21 shorts, H.E. by MANGO (men's) shirt, H&M belt, Zara bag, ROMWE jacket and shoes

Dressing for class has been an interesting exercise so far. On the one hand, it is graduate school, so there is a seriousness to it, unlike the teeny bopper outfits in which the undergrads run around campus. On the other hand, it’s not stuffy like corporate professional dressing.

I think this recent outfit I wore to class nicely captures the graduate school dress code as it were. It hints at a suit without actually being one. This could easily become my uniform for the next two years.

I finally had the opportunity to wear the orange blazer, and I’m loving it. And speaking of uniforms, I’ve been wearing the Oxford shoes to class almost every day. They pinched a little in the beginning, but nothing a little deodorant couldn’t ease. Now that they’re broken in, they are extremely comfortable even for long walks.

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Sep 15

Hit or Miss: Printed Trousers


Prints are all the rage on every fashion runway right now. Nothing can escape being covered in a pattern, whether tribal, geometric or organic, and pants are no exception. The printed pant trend began vaguely last year, but this year seems to have really crystallized the idea into an array of printed variations of two-legged bottoms. Everyone from Zara (center) to Topshop (right) to See by Chloé (left) has a version to offer. But somehow, I’m just not sold. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for prints and I love a stunning pattern on a pair of pants when the silhouette is alternative, as worn in my last post here. And I think that is the key to doing printed pants while still looking dressed up. But when you throw a print on a traditional trouser shape, how is it different from a pair of pajamas? I’m hard pressed to see the look working in any everyday setting.

What do you think? Would you wear printed pants that are cut just like pajamas?

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Sep 13

Old Town Pasadena


Harem pants and necklace from India, Forever 21 top, Nine West sandals

The farmers’ market at the Grove and Old Town Pasadena are two of my favorite places in LA. Last weekend, we spent almost an entire day walking around Old Town Pasadena, discovering some hidden gems that we had missed before, stopping to eat chewy chocolate chip cookies from a dessert truck, and of course, shopping. I came home with bags from all my favorite haunts and I can’t wait to wear what I got.

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Sep 9

Long Story Short


Forever 21 dress, Victoria's Secret sweater dress, Zara dress, H&M top

One trick I have found myself using more and more lately is wearing a dress either as a skirt with a loose top over it, or as a top by tucking it into a full skirt, as I did here. This also works with long tops that were meant to go over leggings in seasons past. It’s an easy way to expand your wardrobe without spending on new pieces. It’s also a handy trick for fall layering. I went through my closet today, looking for more pieces that can double up in this way. Some of them you have seen already; others have yet to step into the spotlight. Either way, I’m looking forward to experimenting with them all.

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Sep 7

Jump Aboard


H&M men's shirt, Le Château jacket, ROMWE shoes, Kokommo necklace

As part of our staycation this long weekend, we visited the RMS Queen Mary for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t throngs of tourists everywhere.

When jumpsuits started making a comeback, I wasn’t convinced of the look for many reasons, not the least of which is its restroom-unfriendliness. Nevertheless, I wanted to test drive the trend, so I got this rather nondescript jumpsuit for $5 from a no-name store at the mall last year.

It was a hot day, but there were thunderstorms and rain in the forecast, so I layered up. Of course, the thunderstorms never came and it turned out to be an exceptionally hot day in Long Beach. I’m considering creating a corollary of Murphy’s Law: When you are prepared for anything that can possibly go wrong, nothing does. And so before long, I peeled off the layers one by one and was left with just the jumpsuit. I’m still not convinced of the look (except perhaps as resort wear), especially such a short variation on my body type. But it did keep me suitably cool as we roamed the many decks of the magnificent ship.

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Sep 5

Sunny Saturday


Forever 21 top and purse, H&M skirt

This Labor Day weekend, we decided to ditch our traditional trip to Palm Springs and explore our new neighborhood (if you can call it that) instead. We discovered a great brunch restaurant (Jack n’ Jill’s), browsed some local stores and aimlessly walked around to feel the general vibe of the area.

As you can tell from this outfit, I still haven’t had enough of color blocking. As fall slowly approaches, I am looking forward to incorporating the trend into warmer outfits.

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Aug 31

Minty Afternoons


Fortnum & Mason's Tercentenary blend with fresh mint leaves

Summer takes its time to arrive in LA, but when it finally does, it can be brutal – as it was last week. On stifling summer weekends, our routine is to have a leisurely brunch at home followed by TopsyTurvyMan* musing out loud, “Can we have ice tea?” To be sure, I’m not a fan of the drink at all. To me, tea equals hot. But I do enjoy making ice tea and experimenting with different flavors and watching TopsyTurvyMan go “aah” after each sip as we laze about the sofa watching TV in marathon mode until the sun goes down.

*Male in the house, resident geek, default photographer for outfit posts

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